Seul Incheon Airport - Asiana Airlines

MRO (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul) Hangar

There were significant challenges for the project which was designed by world-famous design group Schlaich Bergermann und Partner. Due to the construction area located in the middle of the typhoon and earthquake zone:

  • Facades will be exposed to typhoons and must be highly safe
  • Hangar must be highly resistant to earthquakes
Project specs

Basic technical specifications of the hangar, constructed as a landmark for the leading Korean carrier Asiana Airlines are:

  • Hangar area 60.000 m²
  • Length 175 + 29 m, Width 97 + 24 m
  • Height 41 m
  • Capable of storing 2 jumbo and 1 smaller aircraft at the same time
  • Energy saving design, providing an inviting work environment for the staff
Super doors with Panolux

Extremely safe Esavian doors covering the whole front facade of the hangar, which was opened on August 1, 2013, are constructed by world-famous Jewers Doors Ltd. with Panolux GRP panels.

  • Door system with 8 leaves cover a span of 173 m.
  • System gives a clear opening of 129 m.
  • Doors are 25 m. high
  • System is ranked as the safest, most reliable and versatile set of Esavian hangar doors to date.